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Cheetah print fedora-Kohl’s // Handband on fedora-Gift // Maroon Moonshaped Earrings-Colombian Street Stand // Long Golden tone Necklace- Gift from Africa trip // Matching Golden tone Bracelet- Gift from Africa trip // Artisan brown and white tone bracelet- Colombian Street Stand // Loose Button Down White Blouse- Kohl’s // Bright Royal Blue Slim Ankle Cropped Pants- jcp // Light brown tone flats- Kohl’s

Today I was out and about running errands, studying for exam, doing returns, and meeting up with a lovely friend. My white button down blouse is one of my favorite classic pieces to wear and the main reason why is because it’s so versatile and I can mix and match with tons of outfits. I added the bright blue pants for some fun color blocking, and to top it off an animal print fedora. It’s been a while since I’ve worn a fedora, and I realize that summer has ended (and so has the fedora season) but here in Florida it’s still warm and I just was really feeling it today! I cannot wait until it cools down a bit here….I was absolutely loving the weather up in Toronto.

How’s the weather where you’re at?