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Okay, confession… I like to sketch and doodle and above is one of my sketches I drew the other day. Now, yes it’s pretty simple and I’m not a ‘pro-sketcher’ but I have so much fun sketching outfits and different designs. On the sketch, I made it into a classy, casual after work attire or an office attire. Just add the blazer and it’ll naturally just make it more formal for work. As for the shirt, I was inspired by an Embellished polyester-blend top I saw at Revolve Clothing a while ago. Embellished anything (as long as it’s not overdone) is one of my favorites. Now for the outfit I created in Polyvore, my favorite part of this outfit are pointed heels with the golden tone added to the tip, giving it something that stands out.  It’s a simple, clean, and and classy look I want to add to my closet!

embellished collar

leaning-side-way-3 copy back-shot copy full-body-forward-walking copy head-shot-2 copy copy collar-on-shirt copy on-bricks-looking-forward-and-up copy on-bricks-looking-side-ways copy Pale Rose Earrings- XXI // Black Bracelets- XXI // Embellished Miltary Green Tank- Rock & Republic  (via Kohl’s) // Dark Wash Jeans - Express // Wedge Heeled Black Boots- Kohl’s

So lately, I have been exploring with military green a bit more, so when I saw this ‘silky looking’  top at Kohl’s I knew I had to try it on….and off it went into the bag. What also really grabbed my attention was the square and circle embellishing jewels on the collar, they seem to give the top a bit of edge to it. I paired it with my dark wash express skinny jeans (they’re semi stretchyyyy, oh so comfy.) And a pair of simple wedged heeled boots in black. For an even edgier I would have loved to had a leather jacket for going out in the evening. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, I’m off to make some chai tea in my kitchen! (YUM-O.)

topping it off

medium-head-shot full-body-looking-off-side-ways black-hat-side-close-up close-up-jewelry full-body-looking-off


Floppy Leather Tie Hat- Target // Flower Patterned Scarf- Old gift // Metallic Top- Guess // Medium Length Cardigan-BCBG MAXAZRIA (via Winners) // Midnight Blue Pants- Rock & Republic (via Kohls) // Nude Heels- Bandolino// Black Quilted Chain Bag- Coco Chanel (old gift)

 Happy Friday to you! We made it through the week and the weekend is finally here. Yesterday, it was my little brother’s fifteenth birthday, and before dinner we did a little shopping for his birthday outfit. Since we were going to dinner I didn’t want to go too casual so I added some of my favorite basics and ‘gotta-haves’: nude heels and scarf. For having the basics in your shoe closet, having a nude or black heel that feels great and suits your leg type, I’ve learned, is super important to have. You slip those on and you instantly feel like standing up straighter, you legs look longer and thinner. And as for the scarves, my personal thought towards them is that you can never go wrong with them ( unless of course, its like 90 degrees outside, in that case drop the scarf and put those shades on!) I added my scarf because I knew I was going to be wear some dark neutrals and I felt like I needed a pop of color against them. I say, explore with different colored scarfs and have fun with them, they can sometimes make a huge difference.

brownies from scratch

 What to do with you have milk chocolate icing left over after Thanksgiving [Canadian one ;) ]?! baking-ingredients

Find a brownie recipe and make some brownies! baking-cocoa-on-stove crushed-walnuts cake-mix-in-pan brownie-with-bite tea-with-fire-inbackground So while I was visiting Mike up in Toronto, I made cake pops for thanksgiving and I had milk chocolate icing left over, so Sandra ( Mike’s mom) said why not bake some brownies from scratch?! And so it happened.  She found one of her dessert cookbooks and whipped out all the ingredients.

It calls for :

+ 1/2 cup butter/margarine

+ 1/4 cocoa

+ 2 large eggs

+ 1 cup sugar

+ 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

+ 1/2 chopped walnuts

+ pinch of salt

// Heat butter and cocoa in small pan on low, stir till smooth * make sure it’s not too hot because it will start to boil and won’t be able to thicken* // beat eggs in medium bowl until their frothy // add the rest of the ingredients all together with the cocoa and stir// grease the pan you’re using * try using a smaller one so the mixture won’t be as low* // Bake in oven for 25 mins at 350 degrees// check with pick and let it cool when done.

So obviously, this isn’t a very healthy brownie recipe but it was a ‘yolo’ bite in midst of Thanksgiving. Control your portions, but enjoy it! I do want to try a healthier brownie recipe like this Black Bean Brownie with Peanut Butter Swirl, it looks amazing!

casually bright

garage-medium-wide-shot accessories-close-up-medium

fedora-close-up-serious-look garage-medium-shot-2 fedora-close-up-1 bright-blue-pants-full-shot

Cheetah print fedora-Kohl’s // Handband on fedora-Gift // Maroon Moonshaped Earrings-Colombian Street Stand // Long Golden tone Necklace- Gift from Africa trip // Matching Golden tone Bracelet- Gift from Africa trip // Artisan brown and white tone bracelet- Colombian Street Stand // Loose Button Down White Blouse- Kohl’s // Bright Royal Blue Slim Ankle Cropped Pants- jcp // Light brown tone flats- Kohl’s

Today I was out and about running errands, studying for exam, doing returns, and meeting up with a lovely friend. My white button down blouse is one of my favorite classic pieces to wear and the main reason why is because it’s so versatile and I can mix and match with tons of outfits. I added the bright blue pants for some fun color blocking, and to top it off an animal print fedora. It’s been a while since I’ve worn a fedora, and I realize that summer has ended (and so has the fedora season) but here in Florida it’s still warm and I just was really feeling it today! I cannot wait until it cools down a bit here….I was absolutely loving the weather up in Toronto.

How’s the weather where you’re at?


birds eyeview of toronto

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On Michaels day off, we decided to do something we had held off for almost a year….helicopter ride. We had a voucher since Christmas of last year and now with fall here, the weather cooling down, we booked it right away. It was such a blast, and the whole time I swear it felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. I’m not sure if it was just because I felt like I was 5 years old again, or because we were so extremely high up over the beautiful and grand city of Toronto. We jumped on, put on our headsets and began to hover over the pocket-sized looking skyscrapers. I was in absolutely in awe, barely said a word, and had an extremely goofy grin on my face. As I looked at the vast city below me, I felt instantly humbled. Such a lovely feeling it is to get a tiny taste of the freeing  and refreshing feeling of looking at the world from a bird’s eye view.

Bittersweet Goodbye


Gramps and I when I was about 5 months old, wearing his favorite green sweater.

From thousands of feet up in the sky, I’m looking down at the seemingly distant East Coast below me. I’m currently on a flight back to Orlando, Florida and I can’t help but daydream and look back on this past week I spent in Toronto, Canada. It was a bittersweet time for me as I enjoyed spending time with my boyfriend and his family, my family, but also saying goodbye to my grandfather.

About 6 weeks ago, while he and my grandmother were visiting my aunt in Toronto, strange things began happening….dementia, hallucinations, paranoia, and terrible nightmares. That was only the beginning, his condition worsen day by day as he began to appear in a continual state of confusion, and eventually became paralyzed and completely bed rest. The doctors were not sure exactly what was going on, and diagnosed him at first with a stroke until last Friday when he was rushed to the hospital with an extremely low blood pressure. The doctors were confused by his eighty-seven year old, seemingly healthy body and decided to do a complete MRI scan. A few days later the doctor changed his diagnoses, to something that shocked us all..Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease also known as “mad cow disease.” There is no cure for this disease, and 1 in a million people will develop it. Now he is home bed rest, and he will pass away in his sleep. My aunt and grandmother have been incredible throughout this difficult process, and show me such a magnificent  symbol of strength and faith. Like my aunt will say, “if it wasn’t for God giving me strength I don’t know where I’d be.”

There was a priceless moment yesterday when I was saying goodbye to him, he actually responded with his eyes while I was talking to him which hadn’t done since they rushed him to the hospital. Moments like these I’ll never forget, and forever cherish.

Pumpkin’ patch lovin’

omas2 omas1 omas4 omas5 omas6 omas7 omas9 pumpkinpatch3 pumpkinpatch7 pumpkinpatch11 pumpkinpatch8 How in the world do you pick a good pumpkin? They all look the same to me! Mike and I were on our way to drop off his Oma (grandmother) back at the cottage, and we stopped by the cutest little pumpkin patch on the side of the road. I had a blast trying to look for the perfect one and well, despite a little dirt, it wasn’t too shabby. I’m absolutely loving the weather here in Toronto, the leaves are changing, it’s getting cooler, and I’m in love with fall time!  The fall colors definitely influenced my outfit that day, and I loved being able to finally were my Sam Edelman boots ( soooo comfy.)

What’s your favorite part of this month?!

pumpkin spice lattes? fall clothes? pumpkins’ ? candy?

mmmmmm….they all sound good!