Pumpkin’ patch lovin’

omas2 omas1 omas4 omas5 omas6 omas7 omas9 pumpkinpatch3 pumpkinpatch7 pumpkinpatch11 pumpkinpatch8 How in the world do you pick a good pumpkin? They all look the same to me! Mike and I were on our way to drop off his Oma (grandmother) back at the cottage, and we stopped by the cutest little pumpkin patch on the side of the road. I had a blast trying to look for the perfect one and well, despite a little dirt, it wasn’t too shabby. I’m absolutely loving the weather here in Toronto, the leaves are changing, it’s getting cooler, and I’m in love with fall time!  The fall colors definitely influenced my outfit that day, and I loved being able to finally were my Sam Edelman boots ( soooo comfy.)

What’s your favorite part of this month?!

pumpkin spice lattes? fall clothes? pumpkins’ ? candy?

mmmmmm….they all sound good!



  • Kari

    Cute photos! Definitely loving the pumpkin spice lattes and fall clothes!